Our Mission:

The mission of the Nigerian National Association of the Deaf is to protect and promote the civil, human and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing people in Nigeria.

Our Vision:

The vision of the NNAD is that the language, culture, and heritage of deaf and hard of hearing Nigerians will be acknowledged and respected in the society.

Our Value:

Advocacy: We advocate for equal opportunities for Deaf people.

Socio-Political, Economic and Educational Empowerment of Deaf People: We seek to empower Deaf people politically, socially, economically, technologically and educationally.

Information Dissemination and Public Awareness: We seek to create fora for information dissemination and awareness on Deaf cultural values; We seek to build up the communication gap between Deaf and hearing people.

Networking and Partnership: We seek to network and partner with relevant stakeholders and NGOs to promote equal participation for Deaf people.

Holistic Development: We work for wholeness in the lives of Deaf people.

Our Mission,Vision & Value