Our Goals:

1.             To advocate legislation on matters concerning Deaf people in general;

2.             To educate the public on Deaf people and deafness;

3.             To be a forum for the exchange of information and useful ideas among Deaf people, both locally, nationally and internationally;

4.             Liaise with private agencies, government establishments, individuals and the Deaf Community in matters relating to Deaf people such as management of trustee funds, vocational rehabilitation of Deaf people, job placement of qualified Deaf people etc;

5.             To aid in the establishment and development of educational standards for Deaf people in Nigeria;

6.             To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise any property NNAD thinks necessary for the furtherance of its programmes;

7.             To provide and/or aid in providing interpreting services to Deaf people all over the country through involvement of government and private agencies where possible;

8.             Provision of access to healthcare for Deaf people;

9.             To sponsor qualified Deaf Nigerians for specific training, provided the financial strength of NNAD permits, or seek external aid to meet the cost of the training;

10.         To provide counselling services to families of Deaf people and/or CODA (Children of Deaf Adults);

11.         To establish business ventures to provide employment and/or vocational rehabilitation to Deaf people and to generate funds for the administration of other programmes of NNAD.

Our Goals