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Introduction & Overview

Ganiyat Onafeko (CEO  Umuzilaal Home food products) is passionate about wholesome healthy food and always looking for ways to make wholesome healthy food easier for working class mum and gentlemen who love wholesome healthy food but couldn’t prepare it themselves because of their ever busy schedule. being a mum herself, cooking could be stressful especially when it comes to preparing moi moi (bean cake) and akara and gbegiri, making healthy nutritious drinks like Kunu Aya, Tigernut milk, Date milk and getting healthy alternative to sugar in tea pap gaari pan cake pastries and other baked products which is what Umuzilaal Tigernut powder and Date powder is mostly use for, She simply sought for ways to make cooking easier without stress hence her  processing beans into flour, Tiger nut into powder and Date into powder form

Products Availiabilty, Healthy Benefits and Prices

Umuzilaal Home Made Tiger nut powder is Tiger nut processed into powder form so it can be easily be use for Kunu Aya drink ( a delicious healthy drink in Northern Nigeria) it is also use for Tiger Nut milk drink, it is used as an alternative to sugar in tea, pap, Gaari pan cake etc it is essentially good for diabetic people, it is very rich in dietary fibre and other vitamins and minerals which is essential to healthy living

Umuzilaal Tiger Nut powder is an all natural Tiger nut processed into powder form with No ADDITIVES NO PRESERVATIVES.

Prices: Umuzilaal Home Made Tiger nut powder is available in packs of 500g and 1kg at #600 and #1200 respectively, smaller or bigger packs is available on request, bulk or wholesale is available at discount.

 Umuzilaal Date /Dabino powder is Date fruits processed into powder form to safe the stress of having to take it to the mill or blending it, it is an excellent alternative sweetner that is loaded with numerous health benefits, it is for use as an alternative for sugar in tea, pap, Gaari pan cake pastries, cake and other baked products,

it is one of the main ingredient in Kunu Aya drink, it is also use for making Date milk wholesome healthy drink for lovers of wholesome healthy food and drink, it is Date powder in it’s natural form processed into powder with no preservatives or chemical addictive.

Umuzilaal Home Made date powder is available in packs of 300g and 600g at #1100 and #2100 respectively smaller or bigger packs is available on request.

Mode of Delivery & Contact Details

  •  All Umuzilaal Home Made products are delivered national wide  to all States in Nigeria.For further enquiries, contact 08184728534 via text/SMS or  via whatsapp messages  ONLY.

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