File a Complaint

File a COmplaint

 Earlier in the year 2015, there was a reported case of Jane Ottah (pictured) who was already in her second year in at Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nigeria. She suddenly got de-registered by the University Administrators on the ground of being deaf. Sadly, due to the absence of Disability Bill in Nigeria, an out of court settlement was on table and at the end she was re-admitted to school with no  Educational/Scholarship grant as Compensation.

Frequently and all too easily, the rights of people who are deaf get stripped away. Every day, deaf individuals attempting to interact with hearing authorities, emergency responders, or organizations are denied basic access to communication and, in some instances, their lives are put into jeopardy. 

There are cases where deaf people die after the hospital withholds a critical medical diagnosis. Or perhaps ambitious students are denied access to Higher Institution because the institution doesn’t feel like fulfilling their obligations to provide an interpreter. Same goes to denied of Job provision for deaf citizens. Although we live in the Land of the Free, the deaf citizens of continue to be oppressed by a disturbing lack of equal access.

NNAD aims to utilize the information from compliant form to  the keep this menaces in check by addressing them to the appropriate Authorities.

let it be a first step for a collective voice to speak against discrimination.

Kindly, use the form below to table your complaint

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