Law & Advocacy


We advocate on legislative and public policy issues of concern to the deaf community, particularly at the national level and often in collaboration with other disability bodies.  We advocate in a wide range of issues including, but not limited  to Education, Employment, Emergency, Health care, Technology Usuage, Transportation etc.  

Legal Representation

Our attorneys represent deaf and hard of hearing individuals in disability discrimination civil rights cases that are carefully selected to establish powerful legal principles of equality and equal access (also known as impact cases).  The selected cases are those that present the best mixture of legal and factual issues, with the potential of having the widest possible impact and benefit for the deaf and hard of hearing community.  Cases are selected without regard to client income or NAD membership status.  Courts may award attorney fees and costs to the successful party in civil rights cases.  Settlement agreements may also provide for the payment of legal fees and costs.  Our attorneys may serve as co-counsel with private attorneys who are licensed in other states, but only on a limited, court-approved, case-by-case basis.  Our attorneys also consult with lawyers who represent deaf or hard of hearing clients.


Frequently and all too easily, the rights of people who are deaf get stripped away. Every day, deaf individuals attempting to interact with hearing authorities, emergency responders, or organizations are denied basic access to communication and, in some instances, their lives are put into jeopardy. 

There are cases where deaf people die after the hospital withholds a critical medical diagnosis. Or perhaps ambitious students are denied access to Higher Institution because the institution doesn’t feel like fulfilling their obligations to provide an interpreter. Same goes to denied of Job provision for deaf citizens. Although we live in the Land of the Free, the deaf citizens of continue to be oppressed by a disturbing lack of equal access.

NNAD aims to utilize the information from compliant form to  the keep this menaces in check by addressing them to the appropriate Authorities.

let it be a first step for a collective voice to speak against discrimination.

Kindly, use this link to file any discriminatory complaint

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